Against a Bear hug

One thing here in American Kenpo Talk is that we want to hear from you!  If there is something you want to see, hear, try or anything let us know and we will check it out ad write about it!  All you Kenpo people out there let’s make this the number one Kenpo site!  Now for the Women’s Self Defense.

Technique – against a Front Bear Hug:

Woman being attacked  Woman being attacked2


As you can see in the pictures above, Cassandra is trying to get into her car to leave, when this stranger is walking by her, decides to shut her door and prevent her from leaving.


Woman being attacked 3

Before she could run away, he then grabs her and puts her in a bear hug in the attempt to keep her from running away.



Now: Yes she can knee the groin area at this time, but you have to understand a couple of points. 1st) if he picks her up off the ground she will only get to knee with so much force behind it and this may not stop him.  2nd) say she does get force behind the knee to the groin area, when that happens the force of his upper body will come down maybe on top of her with a headbutt or they may both go to the ground with him on top of her.  Then where will she be at this point.  Questions you must ask yourself in real fighting situation.  So, let us save this knee attack until the end when we have a great stance, perfect balance and enough power behind it.



Woman being attacked 4a Woman being attacked 4b

He picks her up off the ground to carry her away, with her arms free she cups the palm of her hands and as hard as she can, strike the ears causing damage to the ear drums. (If she strikes hard enough, this strike causes disruption in balance/ damage to the ear drum and will at least weaken the bear hug if not letting go entirely).



 Woman being attacked5 Woman being attacked 6

his bear hug is loosen enough to where he puts her back on the ground.  Cassandra takes her left hand grabs a hand full of hair (with her elbow down) she forces his head back.  This move allows a clean path for the next strike.



Woman being attacked 7

After she pulls the head back, Cassandra uses her right hand and strikes with a four finger jab to his eyes.  This causes his weight to go up and then back putting him in an off-balance position.  This move is very important in this technique; you could even say the key move. Why do you ask? Because you move the opponents balance up and back setting it up from the take down strike. Which is what we were talking about above: yes, the knee



Woman being attacked 8

After the eye shot, you can see in the other picture, he was left wide open for the knee shot.  She can now with balance and strength / delivers a powerful knee to the groin. If he bends forward or falls, she would be completely out-of-the-way.



Woman being attacked 9

Note: After striking the opponent, it would be hard for him to run after you, because of the strike to the ears (balance).  The eye shot (cannot see) and then the groin shot (hard for him to run).  This technique is a perfect example of the strike theory.

Every strike designates a target

Every target a reason

For every reason a purpose.


Practice hard and train – until next time OSS!


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