Raining Lance grafted to an alturnate ending (video)

Raining Lance grafted to an alternate ending!  One thing that Kenpo techniques love to do is to “graft” techniques as you fight.  Fighting sometimes is very unpredictable and you have to change the technique if something happens without hesitating or interrupting your flow and that is where grafting comes in.  As you can see in this video the technique starts out with , “Raining Lance” and ends with a C step around to a leg sweep takedown.  Here is the Video technique:

The attacker is at your 12 o’clock, he comes at you with a right step-through overhead knife attack.
You want to step off line with your left foot to about 10:30 (clock principle) into a left neutral bow to out of the Line of attack. NOTE: you can see he is bringing the knife down with great force and you do not want to block it, stop it or anything like that but instead allow it to continue in the same direction it was going. All you are doing with it is redirecting it to a specific target you want it to strike to.

As you move, execute a right outward parry to the outside of your attacker’s right arm. With the overhead attack still in motion, pivot to your right into a modified horse stance as your left hand assists your right and guides the knife into your attacker’s right thigh.

Then you want to pivot into a left forward bow executing a right inward elbow to your attacker’s sternum as your left hand pins your attacker’s right hand to keep the knife in his thigh.

Now at this point the technique will change and you want to, “graft” a move into this technique to finish him off.

Have your right hand drop to check your attacker’s right hand and knife as your right leg C-steps around the attacker’s right leg preforming a leg sweep (as seen in picture) knocking him off balance and swinging him around 180 degrees. As you are preforming the leg sweep, allow your right hand & arm to contour the attacker’s body moving upward grabbing with the chin while the body is moving around (see picture).

From this position you can choke the attacker out as you control the chock and setting the attacker to the ground.


Practice hard and until next time, OOS!


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