Thinking outside the Kenpo box?

When you ask a Martial Arts Instructor to explain fighting to you (someone who has a stick or weapon that swings it at you) they of course start off by saying well you get into this stance and so forth.  But if you ask someone who has Kenpo training or a Kenpo Instructor, well they break it down for you in a scientific way of doing things.  As you can see below:


These were taken from 1982-1986, Ed Parker’s Infinite Insights into Kenpo, Vol. 1-5


The pictures below show a direction where you can go to be safe in an attack! Can you see it? What Kenpo people call, “Zones of defense or Zones of Sanctuary.” This place you can find a momentary sanctuary – before/during & after the fight. You can find these zones in the corners of a square that engulf a circle (see picture)



See this works when an opponent attacks you using a circular motion (delivered vertically, diagonally or horizontally) you can step into the safe area (the corners) of the imaginary circle where the zones are neutral. Because circular moves cannot make contact with the corners of the square that engulf it.

Remember – You must visualize a square that encompasses a circle and not the other way around! See picture below:



As you can see in the picture, if the square was inside the circle all of the zones located in and around the square could and would be still hit.

Let us start to use this theory in an actual fighting situation:  I will do a video for you to show how it works in a real live situation.  Until next time OSS!

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