Does wearing BDU’s make you tactical?

Question asked:  Why do Instructors wear camouflage clothing when they teach Self Defense classes?  Is it because they think they are in the Military or because they teach military?

I have to say that I find this question kind of comical.  Because, I have seen it from time and time again where people are always wearing camouflage pants every time they teach defensive tactics.  Whether or not if they really did serve in the military. But I am guilty of this also, because when I teach Martial Arts sometimes I do wear the wonderful (colorful) BDU’s. But I have served in the military and I also do find this to be comfortable.  So, let’s talk about this,

1I have been teaching Martial Arts for several years and I have seen people try to wear the BDU’s, ACU’s, NCU’s or whatever they wear when they teach defensive tactics.  Some use this to sell the appearance that they train the Military or whatever government agencies out there because they might feel their Martial Arts does not hold to the standards of what they think would be taught to the military and want people to believe they do.  Or maybe they wear the BDU’s because they use to wear it in the Military (like myself) and really enjoy the feel.  Plus, there are a lot of people out there that do train Military, Law Enforcement people whether it is from one person that goes to their Martial Arts school or several people that go to train.  There are also companies out that that bid on contracts to train military or Law Enforcement personal, but does not mean their Martial Arts is better then the next.  Does it look cool wearing this BDU clothes? Sometimes I have to ask myself this question too, but I to teach defensive tactics to the Military, Police and so forth and I fall into that category also.  For me though it is a habit to wear this kind of clothing because when you are in the field for the military you have to wear the NCU’s, BDU’s & etc. and wearing this type of uniform for as long as I have it as just becomes a habit and comfortable.


The NCU, BDU’s does not make a good fighter and nor does it make a great Martial Artist Instructor either. It is the people who express’ the system he or she studies that makes the art sing.  Study and do your homework before taking any lessons, most Martial Art school will let you take one or two lesson for free first (do it) get the feel for it and then make your decision.  So, what makes a fighter? The person!  One last thing for you to think about is I know a Martial Arts instructor who wears the 1980 shorts when he teaches and is considered one of the best trapping Instructors around, think twice before making any judgments..

See you next time  OSS!


One comment

  1. Hilarious post, right on though! In fact the optimal outfit for defensive tactics should be street clothes as that is what one will most likely be wearing in the event that they have to defend themselves.

    I taught firearms instruction for many years and came across the same question. Guys looking to solidify their identity through a uniform instead of being confident enough in their craft. The Japanese have a saying, “bean sauce that smells like bean sauce is no good”!


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