Women’s Reverse Bear hug

Did you know that every two and a half minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted?


Knowledge and preparation are the two keys to protecting yourself from sexual violence.   The violence

can come in a form of a friend, stranger or the rising problem of date-rape.




Let’s put you into a situation: You are coming out of a store, friend’s house or a cardio class, walking from a door to your car, it is so


natural for you to do this, you really do not think about it anymore and you get into your car and drive away. People believe that things will never happen to them in the day time! Or they believe that it will never happen to them at all. It is just not true; things can go wrong at any time; as for an example: In the area that I live, there is this young mother who goes to a cardio class each week every Thursday morning. After each class she will stand around for a little bit and talk. She then pushes her stroller out to her car (which is less than 40 yards from the class) places her kids in their car seats in the backseat, then walks around her car and gets into the driver’s seat and drives away. She has done this for months, but one day as she got done buckling the kids in their car seats, she walked to the driver side and open the door and as she started to get into her car, a homeless guy was standing right behind her and without warning he punched her in the face. He then grabbed her and threw her to the ground, got on top of her and continued to punch her in the face. People were walking by, but NO ONE STOPPED TO HELP. A fire truck just happen to be driving by, stopped and went to help. The homeless guy was arrested and the Police Officer asked the homeless guy why he hit this lady. The homeless guy said the only reason why he did it was because he did not like Asians. This young mother said later that she did not even see him until it was too late.


Please be aware of your surroundings a little bit more, and do not fall into the, “norm.” Change up your routine by looking around a little more, in front of your car, around the area as you are leaving places. Just by doing this will make you conscience and aware of what is in front, behind and beside you, it might just save your life one day.


2 3

In this first picture, you can see that this young girl is going to get into her car, not realizing that a stranger is behind her, he grabs her in a bear hug for control and picks her up to spin her around away from the safety of her car.

4 5

As you can see once he places her feet back on the ground, she immediately takes back the control of the situation and grabs his left wrist with her right hand (reason for grabbing the wrist is because if you don’t grab, your elbow may not hit the face and you can elbow all day long without causing damage, their body will sway back and forth with your body as you try to hit them). So grabbing the wrist allows you to hold them in place as your left elbow smashes into their face.

6 7

Note: They may or may not have their hands still around your body after you elbow them, as you can see the attacker still has his grab around her waist, so she grabs with both hands and pushes the attackers left arm away from the body and spins to the left.

9 10

She spins using the twisting motion to accelerate and explode with a strike to the eyes with a right four (4) finger eye jab. You can see that the strike makes a big impact on the attacker’s movement. Changing his weight distribution and forces the attacker to lean up and back. This leaves the attacker valuable for the next strike to the groining. She takes her right knee and strikes the groin area which forces the attacker to bend forward and slightly down giving her the opportunity to push him away in order for her to run away.

11 12 13

The key here is not to stay and fight an attacker; it is to do enough damage and get away. Most important thing you can do is survive the encounter and run away. Please feel free to comment me and always remember this is always the place to go for the most up to date resources you could ever find at one website. Until next time!!



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