Classroom Vs. Reality?

martial-arts-training-1I just moved to this beautiful area and I needed to find a good Martial Arts school to workout in.  Maybe trade instruction with the head instructor just to gain that knowledge we are all looking for.  I found a location I thought would be a great place to introduce myself.  I walked into the Martial Arts School (which said they taught Kenpo) and introduced myself to the head instructor and explained to him, that I was new to the area and wanted a great place to workout in and showed him my Kenpo certification.  I also explained to him my Kenpo family heritage.  We talked a little bit more and then I told him I would be happy to workout with him and trade information if he wanted.  This head instructor was very excited to meet me because he taught some of his students American Kenpo, but could only go as far as Orange belt because that was as far as he had gotten in Kenpo, but was a 9th degree in (*** *******).  So this head instructor scheduled me some time to workout together and I was very excited to train and exchange information.


I arrived at his school on Wednesday night and we began to workout exchanging stories, techniques and had a really great time.  Once we were done working out, he introduced me to his head instructor (a 5th degree).  I shook his hand and asked what technique I was doing.  I explained it was an old Kenpo technique called, “the Dancer.”  I showed him what the technique was against and asked him if he would like me to teach it to him.  He thought the technique was awesome and said, “yes!”  I said to him to choke from behind.  He put his hands up and sat them there.  I explained to him again to choke me.  Well, after tell him several times and him not wanting to choke me, finally he did choke me and I started the technique.  As I shrugged my shoulders, dropped my chin to prevent the choke.  I then stepped to the side and hammer fist the groin.  Immediately he let go of my neck and fell to the ground screaming.  I did not know he was not wearing a cup!  A cup I thought was a part of the uniform.  I looked at him asking if he was okay and said to him something about a cup?  He just shook his head back and forth meaning no and just laid there curled up in a ball as I continued to try to help him up and tell him to walk it off.  Really! I thought cup checks were for everyone in the Martial Arts.

martial-arts-training-3      martial-arts-training-4

Later that week, I offered a class on weapons.  Most of them in that school wanted to work on staffs and I said sure.  I had this 6 foot tapered sold staff my brother had gotten me and it was well used for fighting and brought it in for class.  Class began as normal, asking them to show me what they learned to get an idea of where there are.  Great, I thought this was going to be good.  I started to explain the different strikes and area with the staff and then I motion for one of the students to come up and help me with his staff.  I started to explain areas and I motioned for him to block my attack.  As we connected staffs, which made a loud “crack” I thought the kid was having a heart attack.  He quickly moved his staff close to him and was inspecting it.  He then said to me, “why did you hit my staff?  Look what you did to it, you put a dent in it.”  He then walked away.  I looked at him bewildered and said, “that’s what weapons are for, hitting and beating.”

martial-arts-training-5I just wanted to bring light to this wonderful topic, not because of this certain school, just because when you train in the Martial Arts, what are you training for?  Reality? or classroom?  I would like to hear from you?  Please leave a comment below.  Thanks and until next time.


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