Self protection in the “wild?”

Self-protection-1People often say when it comes to defending themselves from attacks refer to it as “self defense.”  This is okay, but what we are really saying at this point is we didn’t see it coming!  We are totally unaware of what may or may not have happen to us, but now we have to react to it and deal with it physically, mentally and emotionally.

What you have done is miss out on a great opportunity to avoid what you now have to do physically and in all honesty lose. So how can we change this? Well first we have to look at that term we used earlier “self defence”. What we should be saying is “self protection”. This term is as it says, encompass total protection of the self, and can be divided in to two sections. One being the self defence side, physical techniques to incapacitate an attacker and the other being the “soft skills”. Soft skills include things such as awareness training, tactics and escape plans. So Self protection opens up not only the subject but your options which will always be a good thing as the more options you have or can crate the better your chances. Now what should we do to start this process of how we look at things. Well first lets look at the why? Why are you being attacked? This means we have to look at this from the attackers point of view. I like to compare what happens on the streets to how animals behave in the wild, because in some streets you are in a type of wild and you have to know the rules, and there are rules. The rules are this there are Predators and Prey it’s that simple. like the saying goes if you look like food, smell like food, you sure as hell are going to be eaten. So if you look like prey to the predator guess what…. So who is who? I find it helpful to put your self in two different mind sets, Predator (criminal) and Pray, (if your reading this, guess which one you are?)

street fighting-1

Because you are a law abiding citizen you would come under the Prey category, because you are more concerned about going about your lawful life the best you can I.e, going to work, looking after the kids, shopping, going to the gym…. the list goes on, just day to day living. But the predator is a hunter, he goes out just like an animal, to find someone he thinks is weak and an easy target. We can look at this criteria of what he might consider “weakness” at a later date. He as a predator is hunting for what he needs and that will differ from predator to predator, but if we have an idea of what they are hunting then we can prepare a defence (target harden). There are two types of predators in the wild, those that hunt in packs and lone hunters, and the same applies on the streets. Criminals tend to work to an M.O. Modus operandi (method of operation) these are tactics that they have used and have been shown to work, so they will carry on using them. So you can see they are quite scientific in their approach and professional and you should be as well. They may hurt in gangs, two or more as this will increase their chances while decreasing your chances of putting up an adequate defense. This is the “Numbers game” played out in the wild, where a pack of say wolves, will pick out in a heard the weak or stragglers and put all the energies in to bringing that prey down. This all may sound a brutal way of looking at things, but there is a good side, as now you know the “why” and “who” we now have an idea on how to “target harden” our selves, you see criminals don’t want to get caught so they will make their acts quick and unseen in most cases, as this has proven to work in many cases. Being quick means you will never or rarely have time to react (physical self defense out of the window) or unseen, meaning no help for you or witness for the police (they have just increased their chances of no court dates) and so we are back to where we first started “self protection”.


Written by David O’Meara


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