Would you get Robbed?

Robbed_1I saw this article and loved it!!!!!

One of the most important things I have learned in all my years of teaching Martial Arts is the fact that the body has been trained (body dynamics) in a way that your reactions will trip you up if you do not learn to change them.  One example: ever since you were a little kid you were always taught by your parents to throw and catch a ball.  You would try to catch that ball every time.   Then, as you would grow up and people would continue to throw things in your direction, you would catch that too.  This “auto reflex” was now installed in your memory to act as a motion for this action.  So, now no matter what is thrown in your direction, this reaction will take over and you will either try to catch the object or look in the direction to where the object went.  Yes, try it! Walk up to someone and OVER exaggerate an underhand throw to someone (but do not throw anything) and see what happens.  We will use this auto reflex to our favor in this technique.

As you can see I am getting into my car, when out of nowhere this guy’s comes up to me with a knife and demands my money.

Robbed_2   Robbed_3

I turn to face the attacker and with an over exaggerate throw, I throw my keys up and off to the side catching my attackers attention.


I take this advantage and come from underneath grabbing the wrist with my right hand.  As the attacker wants to move his knife hand back to gain control, I ride this motion in and strike his face with a punch.

Robbed_5      Robbed_6

At this point the attacker is off-balance; I then move my left hand in a counter-clockwise circle and cup the back of his neck to gain control of his body.  Still hanging on to his knife hand, I pull the arm to me more while forcing the attackers head into my car.

Robbed_7       Robbed_8

Allowing the attackers body to scrap the side of my car while he falls to the ground, I maintain control of his arm so that when he stops on the street I place my knee into his shoulder and break the elbow joint with my left hand. (this is between both legs for leverage)

Robbed_9      Robbed_10

I then pull the knife from his hand (if the knife is still there) and stand back in a defensive position.

Robbed_11       Robbed_12

You cannot hesitate at all, once you make the commitment to move you must move!  Now about why he will look when you throw something, I will example this action in more detail in a later article.   Until next time Practice, Practice, Practice.





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