“Billy Jack” Legend or lie?

Billy-Jack-1 What do you think when you hear the word, “Billy Jack!”  Well, probably the same thing I do, and that is the famous scene in Prescott, Arizona where is tells the Sheriff he was going to put his left foot on the right side of his face and there would be nothing he could do about it.  We all loved the scene and we loved the movie.  But did Billy Jack ever really exist? Or was it something made up by the people in Hollywood?  Well maybe a little of both!  Let me tell you a story, one that happen to me when I met Billy Jack.

Back when I was around 16 years old and lived in Prescott, Arizona we would hear from time to time about Billy Jack, whether it was a small sighting of him or someone was beating up by him.  It was an old story, or something new that just happen, who really knew the truth he was like the UFO myth.  Well, one day I was teaching a Kenpo class at my brothers Martial Arts School when these two guys walked in and sat down in the corner of the school.  One guy was very tall around 6’2” and the other guy was about 5’5”.  As soon as the class ended the short guy (followed by the tall guy) walked up to me shake my hand and introduced himself as Billy Jack.


Yes, he had the tall hat on and was wearing a black shirt.  I said, “yeah right!” as he looked at me weird and said again he was the Billy Jack I was thinking.  About that time my brother walked over and introduced himself and asked what we could do for him.  He said that the rumor had it we were one of the top Martial Arts School in the area and wanted to know if he could workout with us.  Of course my brother never turns anyone down that what’s to workout, and that would including someone claiming to be Billy Jack.


Now, yes he came back to workout with us for a few years.  He would come and go from time to time and the length of time would get longer and longer but enjoyed what he learned.  I left the area and started my career, only to find the same Billy Jack hanging around another friend of mine 5 years later.  How weird was that?  But now it was in another town and this time the Police was looking into him.  A month later of finding out Billy Jack was living with my friend, my friend called me up and said the Police just raided his home and arrested Billy Jack. (No, my friend did not get arrested)

My friend obtained a copy of the search warrant they served, since it was his house. (see picture)


One, thing this Billy Jack was being arrested for was not only, a “Hit List” but other stuff he had kept secret!  Child molestation!  Yep that was right, this guy, “Billy Jack” was a child molester.  We would go get abducted children and then molest them.  He was on trial for over a year and in the end was found guilty and sentence to YEARS in prison.  During the trial it was like a movie, because they tried to disprove that this guy was Billy Jack.  They brought in Tom Laughlin, which he claimed it was all made up and there was no one who was a Special Forces Viet Nam vet name Billy Jack.

So, this Billy Jack aka Ricki Longhorn lived this way for over thirty (30) years and within that time, helped, killed and did whatever he wanted for years in hope to live this “lie” or “truth.”  One thing is for sure all kinds of people showed up for the trial, good and bad in hopes to see the Legend.  But in the end, he sits in an Arizona Prison and claims he is the real, “Billy Jack.”

What do you believe?

Billyjack-7          Billyjack-9


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