Ask the Instructor

Does wearing BDU’s make you tactical?

Question asked:  Why do Instructors wear camouflage clothing when they teach Self Defense classes?  Is it because they think they are in the Military or because they teach military?

I have to say that I find this question kind of comical.  Because, I have seen it from time and time again where people are always wearing camouflage pants every time they teach defensive tactics.  Whether or not if they really did serve in the military. But I am guilty of this also, because when I teach Martial Arts sometimes I do wear the wonderful (colorful) BDU’s. But I have served in the military and I also do find this to be comfortable.  So, let’s talk about this,



As A Martial Arts Master, do you give back to your community?

Giving-back-1I know that the one thing as a Martial Artist you can do is give back to your community, but who really does?  I know of several outstanding and great Martial Arts Instructors out there that do, like: (more…)